Week 4 Unit 5: Exercise

18. June 2024

The file invoice_data.txt contains raw data for an invoice. More precisely, each line contains

  • the name of an item
  • how many items are bought
  • the unit price of the item

The three values are separated by a single whitespace. Prepare a beautified output of the file which contains

  • the name of the item formatted with 15 characters
  • the number of units with 3 digits
  • the price per item with 7 digits, 2 digits after the decimal point
  • the total price (_number of items _ price per item*) with 8 digits in total, 2 digits after the decimal point

If there are two lines with the following content Apple 5 0.99 and Cherry 2 11.99, then the beautified output should look as follows:

Apple           15   0.99   14.85
Cherry           2  11.99   23.98


Read the file line by line and create a list of tuples. Each tuple contains the item (string), the number of items (integer) the price per item (float). To identify the individual parts per line, use the method .split(). Prepare an f-string to output the data as specified.

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