In the summer term 2021 I teach the following lectures at FH Aachen:

Additionally, I co-organize a virtual lecture series on information systems:

Bachelor and Master Thesis

List of Possible Thesis Topics

Below you find a list of possible thesis topics. This is merely a reminder for myself of possible topics I came across. If you are interested to work on one of the topics please contact me. If you have an own idea for a topic please feel free to contact me as well.

  1. Development of an online lecture aggregation Website
  2. Analysis of software quality metrics in large code bases
  3. Clean Code: literature review
  4. Eye-Tracking using a Webcam
  5. Analysis of request fort quotations in ERP projects with respect to digitalization
  6. Using SAP Co-Pilot in ERP lectures
  7. Development of a case study for Robotic Process Automation
  8. Development of a case study for process automation using BPMN and DMN

Supervised Thesis

Here you will soon find information regarding the bachelor and master thesis I supervised in the past.

Student Blog

The Student Blog contains post written by students as part of my lectures at FH Aachen.