Research Projects

WiLMo - Wirtschaftsinformatik Lehr- und Lern-Module

The aim of the WiLMo project is to create uniform digital teaching and learning material for business information system courses or business information systems majors at universities. This teaching material should initially be used at the universities in North Rhine-Westphalia involved in this project and later be used nationwide. On the basis of a consistent didactic concept, students are provided with learning materials that have a very high didactic quality, are coordinated across universities and are freely accessible. This promotes vocational learning that is independent of face-to-face teaching.

Investigating a MOOC Designed with 4C/ID Model for Instructional Design: Exploring Processing Paths and Learning Outcomes.

This project aims to investigate the effectiveness of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for teaching programming skills using the Four Component model for Instructional Design (4C/ID) as a theoretical basis. The 4C/ID model assumes that a complex task requires different types of knowledge and skills, which in turn require different ways of training. The study investigates how a MOOC designed according to 4C/ID principles is processed by its participants and whether different processing paths result in different learning outcomes. The MOOC Python for Beginners is focused on teaching Python programming to beginners over a seven-week period. The research was conducted with data collected from a voluntary pre-survey, log-data, performance measures, and a post-survey. The analysis of the data is conducted from a temporal perspective, and Social Network Analysis is used to illustrate variation in intra-individual processing of the course. The results show that the MOOC designed using the 4C/ID model was effective in teaching programming skills to beginners.

The project is conducted in cooperation with Prof. Halszka Jarodza form the Department Online Learning and Instruction, Open Universiteit, The Netherlands.


The project LuCID - Die Lernumgebung fürs Programmieren basierend auf 4C-ID has been funded by the Stifterverband in the context of a senior fellowship for innovations in digital teaching in higher education. Further information regarding this project are available here.

One preliminary result of the project is a repository with teaching material and self learning exercises for an introductory python lecture. The repository is available on GitHub.

Industry Projects

A list of research project with industry partners will follow soon.