Blog Posts from the CBIS Lecture

07. March 2022 1 min read
This post contains pointers to the different blog posts written by students during the lecture Cloud-based Information Systems in the winter term 2022.

Production order and confirmation integration – a university project

01. March 2022 1 min read
This post was written by Christoph Pausacker. Christoph describes an integration project that connects the Manufacturing Intelligence Platform with the production planning capabilities of an on-premise S/4HANA System.

From semester project to start-up

13. November 2021 3 min read
This post was written by Daniel Bachmann. Daniel describes his experience in the lecture *Interdisciplinary Project* during the winter term 2020. He describes the start of the project, what he learned during the lecture as well as how the project was further developed.

Microcontrollers at 3°C

23. August 2021 4 min read
This post was written by Corinna Aufderheide and Anne Mayer. They describe their experiences in the lecture Industrial Production and Industry 4.0 during the summer term 2021. Furthermore, Corinna and Anne give provide some details on their project as well as on some of the difficult problem they faced.

grievy - My Experiences as a Product Owner in the Digital Lab

25. May 2021 2 min read
This post was written by Nele Stadtbäumer. Nele describes her experiences as a product owner in the project based lecture Digital Lab.