Lead nurturing campaigns - The impact of principles, features, and functionalities on the success of campaigns activated by Like Reply

14. July 2022


The objective of this thesis is to find out whether the pure amount of implemented influencing factors impact the success of lead nurturing campaigns. Lead nurturing campaigns are understood at Like Reply as campaigns that are about the care and provision of information to leads to help them achieve their objectives [1]. Like Reply creates a digital experience by combining effective solution design with innovative marketing and e-commerce cloud technology. Only a few Like Reply customers are currently conducting lead nurturing in any form. Therefore, Like Reply wants to offer its customers the possibility to learn central elements of modern marketing and apply them to their company. A challenge is that in the available literature the influencing factors are only discussed and presented separately, i.e. they are not presented in dependence with other influencing factors. This research was selected to support Like Reply in managing lead nurturing campaigns and to reduce the gap in scientific research.

For the analysis, the first step is to work out the influencing factors: Principles, features, and functionalities. The work of DAVID LEWIS is used as the primary source for the elaboration. DAVID LEWIS presents five principles that influence the success of lead nurturing. These principles are divided into so-called features, necessary for successful implementation of the principles. Subsequently, the features are again subdivided into functionalities which are crucial for the success of lead nurturing campaigns which can be considered professional, modern marketing lead nurturing campaign. The development of features and functionalities is based on the tasks performed by Like Reply.

In a next step four lead nurturing campaigns are introduced. After the influencing factors, as well as the lead nurturing campaigns, have been presented, the analysis is carried out. The lead nurturing campaigns are examined for the presence of specific functionalities. The implementation of the functionalities affects the occurrence of the features, which in turn affects the principles. The analysis shows that the amount of implemented features and functionalities impact the success of lead nurturing campaigns. However, the analysis could not determine whether the amount of principles impacts the success of lead nurturing campaigns.


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