Bachelor and Master Thesis

28. November 2021

Possible Thesis Topics

Below you find a list of possible thesis topics. This is merely a reminder for myself of possible topics I came across. If you are interested to work on one of the topics please contact me. If you have an own idea for a topic please feel free to contact me as well.

  1. Development of an online lecture aggregation Website
  2. Analysis of software quality metrics in large code bases (possibly in cooperation with CQSE)
  3. Clean Code: literature review
  4. Eye-Tracking using a Webcam
  5. Analysis of request for quotations in ERP projects with respect to digitalization
  6. Using SAP Co-Pilot in ERP lectures
  7. Development and Evaluation of a case study for Robotic Process Automation
  8. Development and Evaluation of a case study for process automation using BPMN and DMN
  9. Analysis of the usage of open source software in small and mid-size companies

Supervised Thesis

This is a selection of the bachelor and master thesis I supervised in the past. For each thesis at least the abstract is available here. For some thesis the full text is also available.